Rolling with Resilience: Building Family Strengths

Rolling with Resilience

Building Family Strengths

Rolling with Resilience (RwR) was developed by the Circle of Courage Training and Development Trust New Zealand. Certified trainers provide an introductory six hour experiential training that can be used with multiple audiences:

  • Building strengths in families.
  • Staff professional development
  • Use directly with young people

The course was developed by Deborah Espiner of the University of Auckland and Diane Guild of Mount Richmond, the first Circle of Courage School in New Zealand

Course Curriculum

  • Reflecting on My Personal Story

    • What People Need to Thrive
    • “Highs” on My Life Journey
    • “Lows” on My Life Journey
  • What Makes the High Times High

    • Belonging instead of Exclusion
    • Mastery instead of Failure
    • Power instead of Helplessness
    • Purpose instead of Meaninglessness
    • Balancing Safety and Adventure
  • Understanding Resilience

    • Focusing on Strengths, not Weakness
    • Reframing our Thinking
    • Switching from Conflict Cycles
    • Using Positive Self Talk
    • Resilience as Ordinary Magic
  • Raising Resilient Kids and Families

    • Building Trusting Relationships
    • Spotting Bods for Connection
    • Having High Expectations
    • Setting Clear Boundaries
    • Completing a Resilience Survey

Authors and Trainers

Mark Freado, MA in Counseling and MA in Forensic Psychology, is Director of Growing Edge Training, LLC, Westerville, Ohio. He has a forty-year career in mental health, education, social services, program development, leadership, and training. He served in direct care and executive roles with Pressley Ridge and as director of the American Re-ED Association. For over 20 years, he has been a key leader in developing the reclaiming youth movement including serving as Director of the International Training Network for CF Learning, a program of Cal Farley’s in Amarillo, Texas. He and J. C. Chambers co-authored The Art of Kid Whispering: Reaching the Inside Kid. He is also co-developer of Planning Restorative Outcomes, a strength-based assessment model and serves as an expert witness in juvenile justice hearings. He provides professional development and consultation to organizations world-wide.
Deborah Espiner, MA, began her career as a teacher of students with special learning needs in both special and inclusive educational settings. She is Principal Lecturer at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and has held leadership positions in a variety of contexts promoting inclusive education. Her interests include developing approaches that capture the ‘voice' of the young person or adult in ways that are engaging and supportive of personal aspirations. She is Chair of two community organisations that recognisz the generosity that exists within society and the importance of relationship building between community members. Debbie and Diane Guild have co-authored Rolling with Resilience: Building Family Strengths.