Intentional Responsive Adult Practices


Erik K. Laursen

IRAP offers strategies to help kids not only overcome adversity but to thrive. While numerous books focus on trauma, this is a blueprint for intentionally responding to children’s pain to meet their needs and help them transform their lives.




Dr. Erik Laursen is an internationally recognized developer of innovative programs for high-risk children and families.  In his latest publication, he integrates research from positive psychology, neuroscience, and strength-based interventions to reach children and adolescents whose development has been disrupted by adversity and trauma. This involves intentional practices to establish relationships, build character strengths, solidify executive functions, and tap into culture and spirituality.

Lulu Publishing Services (2018). 203 pages.


“Dr. Laursen engages the reader with essential research findings, key insights, reflections, and activities. By the end of the book, you will feel better equipped for an exciting journey in helping children who need it most.”
—Ryan M. Niemiec, PsyD, The VIA Institute on Character

“School administrators repeatedly ask for training to help teachers and counselors better work with children who have experienced adversity and trauma. This book and the accompanying course are go-to resources for professional learning communities and an essential guide for educators and school administrators.”
—Laura Kuti, PhD, Graduate Education Curriculum & Instruction, University of Richmond

“This refreshing and comprehensive book provides those working with challenging young people a framework that encourages a strength-based perspective and a dedicated focus on positive outcomes! An absolute must-read for the frontline practitioner.”
—Paul Baker, PhD, Allambi Care, Warners Bay, Australia

“Laursen adopts a positive tone, and his examples drawn from his extensive experience reflect his deep respect and hope for the lives he is working to change. Based on a solid research foundation, this book provides a range of practical strategies that will be useful to teachers, mental health workers, and numerous other professionals who touch the lives of children and youth.”
—Fred Orlove, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Education and Disability, Virginia Commonwealth University

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