Planning Restorative Outcomes

Planning Restorative Outcomes

Planning Restorative Outcomes (PRO) transforms assessment by focusing on strengths instead of deficits. Young people are experts on their own behavior and are engaged as key participants in solving their problems and planning their futures. PRO Assessment explores significant life events that have shaped a young person’s development. Abraham Maslow observed that social and emotional problems stem from met psychological needs while persons thrive when needs are met. The Circle of Courage values developed by Martin Brokenleg and colleagues match biosocial needs for attachment, achievement, autonomy, and altruism. Other survival needs for safety and adventure are also addressed in developing PRO assessment.

Two-day certification raining for professionals serving youth at risk.

Course Curriculum

  • Searching for Solutions

    • Evidence-based Assessment
    • The Standard of Consilience
  • From Trauma to Resilience

    • Adversity and Risk
    • Challenge and Strength
  • Three Models of Assessment

    • Disorders (Pathology)
    • Dimensions (Variance)
    • Development (Needs)
  • Connecting

    • Safety and Trust
    • Attachment and Belonging
  • Coping

    • Achievement and Mastery
    • Autonomy and Independence
  • Thriving

    • Altruism and Generosity
    • Adventure and Joy
  • Transforming

    • Planning for growth

Authors and Trainers

Larry Brendtro, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and Professor Emeritus at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He holds a doctorate from the University of Michigan and is a leader in the worldwide reclaiming youth movement. For fourteen years, he was president of the Starr Commonwealth Schools in Michigan and Ohio. He taught in the area of children’s behavior disorders at the University of Illinois, The Ohio State University, and Augustana. Dr. Brendtro served as a member of the U.S. Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention during the administrations of Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama. He has authored over 200 professional publications including 15 books on strength-based strategies with children, youth, and families. His wife Janna is research editor for his various publications and they have trained youth professionals in 20 nations.
Mark Freado, MA in Counseling and MA in Forensic Psychology, is Director of Growing Edge Training, LLC, Westerville, Ohio. He has a forty-year career in mental health, education, social services, program development, leadership, and training. He served in direct care and executive roles with Pressley Ridge and as director of the American Re-ED Association. For over 20 years, he has been a key leader in developing the reclaiming youth movement including serving as Director of the International Training Network for CF Learning, a program of Cal Farley’s in Amarillo, Texas. He and J. C. Chambers co-authored The Art of Kid Whispering: Reaching the Inside Kid. He is also co-developer of Planning Restorative Outcomes, a strength-based assessment model and serves as an expert witness in juvenile justice hearings. He provides professional development and consultation to organizations world-wide.