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Reclaiming Youth at Risk

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Reclaiming Youth at Risk: Futures of Promise

by Larry K. Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg & Steve Van Bockern

This completely updated third edition of Reclaiming Youth at Risk expands the impact of the Circle of Courage resilience model which has been embraced world-wide. James Anglin of the University of Victoria, British Columbia, makes these observations:

In this small book, the science and heart of being human come together.
It will make you a better carer, teacher, and advocate—and perhaps a better person.

Reclaiming Youth at Risk is grounded in traditional values of Belonging, Mastery, Independence, and Generosity which have enabled tribal peoples to survive and thrive throughout millennia. Native American professor Joseph Gone of Harvard University describes this work as “a brilliant and modern fusion of Indigenous knowledge and scientific psychology.” Jean Sunde Peterson, who directed counselor education at Purdue University, notes that “the repeated emphasis on asking what has happened to troubled youth, not what is wrong with them, rolls like thunder.” These strength-based principles have been validated by research evidence on resilience, neuroscience, and positive psychology. You are invited to explore this website which highlights resources from presenters and authors in the international network of leaders who are building futures of promise with all of our youth.

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